Alejandro Haiek
Urban Creative Strategiest

Graduated architect from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Honorable Mention Scientiarum Master in Architectural Design at the Central University of Venezuela. Guest Professor in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and the U.S. Conferences at The University of the Arts Philadelphia, Technological Institute of Costa Rica, Culture Forum of the XVII Biennial of Quito, the College of Architects of Catalonia, Spain and Tokyo University of the Arts. Exhibitions at the Venice Biennale, Biennale of Architecture in Santiago, the New International Cultural Center in Antwerp, Belgium, New Latin American Architecture, Pratt Institute, NY and recently selected for international exhibition FreshLatino 02 organized by the Cervantes Institute, Madrid. Honorable mentions at the Third Biennial Maracaibo, Malaussena´s Salon VII, the TSL social Workshop Competition and World Social Habitat and Development organized by the Pan American Architecture XVII Biennial of Quito 2010. Selected for Latin American emerging Studios published in the Harvard Design Magazine N.34, June 2011. and appearance in the book “Design like you give a damn 2” published by “Architecture for Humanity”. National Culture Award 2011 Mention Architecture for Sustainable Micro-urbanism Project: Cultural Park Tiuna el Fuerte. Won the International Festival of Architecture of Barcelona EME3 2012 sponsored by Fundación Jesús Serra and First prize in the International Award for Public art, Shanghai, China 2013. His projectual activity is closer to the design of a logistic chain of events than to the massive construction, promoting social and cultural dynamics covering art, applied sciences and local intelligence. Is Co-Founder and Director of LAB.PRO.FAB (laboratory of design and fabrication), that gathers all the disciplines related to design in order to carry out research applied to the cultural, social and environmental development. He also is Co-Founder of The Public Machinery that focused on the renewal and resuscitation of inactive landscapes, handling concepts such as reprogramming of obsolescence or revival of urban soils. Has setline of research on the medium, objects and human practices developing an amplified vision of the environment. His work focuses on exploring under different ecologies and calls, understanding premises as reuse, recycle, revive and re-program. He has targeted his interest in the development of strategies for building sustainable microenvironments and emerging Habitat, assuming Architecture, Landscape and artifacts as components of a complex urban setting. Is Visiting Professor at the manufacturing workshop of Simon Bolivar University. He is a professor and member of the academic committee of design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Central University of Venezuela. He has published research papers in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Peru. 

Eleanna Cadalso
Art Director

Artist and designer, she obtained degrees in programming, modeling, animation and postproduction at the “Diego Portales University” and the “Major University” of Santiago de Chile. Her exploring lines have been focused in graphic production, development and fabrication of objects and integration methods. Regarding Eleanna Caldaso Vera’s jobs, between 2003 and 2004 she worked as a producer in the design school of the “University of the Arts, Sciences and Communication” (UNIACC) of Santiago de Chile, where she also worked as a researcher; taught ergonomics and applied geometry courses, and the artistic creation and environmental design workshop in the Art, Design and Architecture school. Similarly, she also was a professor in the design school of the “Andrés Bello University” (UNAB). Furthermore, she published articles of own researches in Argentina and Brazil. She also gave conferences in the ID Department of the “University of the Arts” in Philadelphia (USA), in the Digital Arts Congress (SIGRADI) made in the “São Leopoldo University” Porto Alegre (Brazil), and in the “Ccs Design Zone 2011”.Otherwise, she is co-founder and art director of the LAB.PRO.FAB (Project and Fabrication Laboratory), here; she has focused her attention in the integration of arts, design disciplines and architecture. In addition, she has directed various exhibitions as in: the “Venice Biennale”, the “New international cultural Center” in Belgium, the “Los Galpones Art Center” in Caracas and more recently in the international exhibition “FRESHLATINO 02” organized by The “Cervantes Foundation”. Her work in LPF establishes a critical and proactive thinking about; sustainability, production methods, objects operability and value, and artificial environment. Besides, some of her projects in LAB. PRO.FAB, have been rewarded in America, Europe and Asia, where she recently received the 1rst International Award in the “Forecast Public Art” 2013, planned by the “Shangai University”. Lastly, among the most outstanding publications there are; a review in the “Harvard design Magazine” on “The Architecture Collectives of Latin America” section and an appearance in the book “Design like you give a damn 2” published by “Architecture for Humanity”.

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